Coromar Group of Companies

When Coromar was first founded in 2012, the founders conceptualized a company that would one day be a one stop shop for all business owners. In 2016, Business Advisors were being trained and soon after, Coromar Business Strategies and Coromar Insurance were founded. With highly skilled and specialized Business Advisors being trained and licensed, there was an increased demand for more business appointments. A dedicated company called Coromar Marketing was opened for the sole purpose of providing high quality appointments for Coromar's Business Advisors. With the laws and business strategies becoming increasingly more advanced and complicated, a new company called Coromar Research and Development was founded in 2018. With Coromar's group of companies, a Business Advisor has all of the support of a group of companies dedicated to the Business Advisor's success. The Business Advisor no longer needs to cold call and prospect, has become very specialized in the advanced business market, and soon to be  equipped with the A.I.M. mobile application.


Coromar's mission is to become the only one stop shop in the United States that trains Business Advisors that help business owners increase profitability and provide stability and sustainability of the company growth.


Coromar's services include tax reduction, expense reduction, business capitalization, employee benefits, key employee retention, and business owner legacy planning. All of our programs are designed to help our professional clients build a solid cash flow solution and increase their profitability, two ingredients in the sustainable growth of a company.


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